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Your hands are meant to save life.

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Dogs Who Look Like Other Things [imgur]

Previously: Bears Doing Human Things


how does roy mustang have abs like seriously 80% of his job is sitting at a desk getting yelled at by riza hawkeye

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Loud Music Murder Defendant: I Feared For My Life - NBC News


I hope they lock this guy up, fuck the “Stand Your Ground” law. There’s no need for you to fire a weapon 9 times into the body of a giant SUV- he had intent to kill. It’s easy to shoot elsewhere and scare your victims. He could have fired into the air to show he had a weapon, and since he thought they had a shotgun, he could have easily called the police, left, so many different ways to handle this situation besides what happened.

The fact he’s crying and saying he didn’t do anything wrong makes me want to strangle him. 

Dunn characterized the teens in the Durango as “menacing,” and recalled that one of them wore a “scowl.” He said he asked the teens if they were talking about him, adding that he was trying to “de-esclate” the situation.

OMG NO HE’S GLARING, OH MY FEELS, and the easiest way to de-escalate a situation? Drive away, ignore it. 

"I said, ‘You’re not gonna kill me, you son of a bitch,’" Dunn told jurors Tuesday.

Yeah that’s totally de-escalating. 

Dunn said he and Rouer drove away immediately after the shooting, heading for a hotel.

"We didn’t know anybody had been hurt. We just thought we made them go away," he told jurors.

Seriously? Firing nine times into a vehicle and you didn’t think that you hurt anybody? And then you drove off like you had just murdered somebody, after they drove off and took a dying man to the hospital? 

"You never told the love of your life that those guys had a gun," Guy said. "Did you?"

Dunn replied flatly: “You were not there.”

Yeah, that’s the point, nobody in the courtroom was there besides you, the victims, and the witnesses. How are we supposed to believe you when you don’t even show remorse at the time of the crime, but when you found out you murdered somebody who did not have a weapon, and injured more, you suddenly burst into tears because it’s your ass on the line? 

I don’t like to go on rants like this but it’s just another example in the last two years that Florida’s judicial system is failing to protect innocent youth and fuel the fire that is racism. Yes, there was confrontation. Yes, Dunn has his weapons permit. Yes, I would have been scared too if somebody was mean mugging me, but also I wouldn’t have given a single fuck about their music or responded to taunting by strangers. Firing nine times into a vehicle is uncalled for and this man deserves to rot in prison for being a racist piece of shit.





"The jury, composed of 10 whites and two blacks, took about five hours to reach Wednesday’s verdict. In a February trial, a jury deadlocked on charge in Davis’ death after four days but convicted Dunn on three counts of attempted murder for firing at the three surviving teens in the vehicle."

I fucking love singing this song. Mitch and I holler the lyrics so loudly every time. 



white girls are out of control these days 

this thirteen year old needs some professional help

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